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Announcing our 2023-2024 Teachers
Oak Street Dance Studio is fully open with highly qualified teachers offering quality classes for
Adults and Children

Rosalind Schrodt, manager of the Oak Street Dance Studio and Director of the Moment in Time Dance Co.  She has brought together
many Dance concerts and performed in them.   She offers Advanced Modern Classes.  She is Certified in the Evans Teacher training. 

Modern Dance Technique Classes Starting Sept. 11, 2023


Classes are invigorating, developing a strong and flexible body for expressing beautiful and meaningful dance.  Roz teaches in a very inclusive way to help dancers
 understand choreography, and enjoy personal expression and improvisation.  Wednesdays classes will be open to all levels of experience, while Monday and Thursdays
classes will be for more experienced dancers

Classes meet on Mondays and Thursdays 5:30 to 7 pm

And Wednesday’s noon to 1:30pm

Classes will meet weekly and tuition is paid monthly at a discount, drop ins $15..   For more information your may write Roz at email: rozinthismoment@gmail.com

Enroll now to make you commitment to be there by September 11th.   for more of her bio, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Priscilla Quinby
a favorite performer in Ashland.  Priscilla graduated as a dance major from North Carolina School of the Arts
after studying at the Pennsylvania Ballet Company School where she grew up near Philadelphia and in New York with Maggie Black.
She then went to Belgium where she studied at the total theater school connected to Maurice Bejart.
has stared in many musicals.
 She offers a Mixed Level Ballet class. Saturday 10am to 11:30 am.  for more of her bio scroll to the bottom of this page.

Emily Wilson moved here last year and is a member of the Moment in Time Dance Company.  She has a degree in Dance and
Occupational Therapy.  She is offering Children’s creativity classes and Children’s beginning Ballet.

Children's Beginning Ballet 4 to 5 pm .  Contact Emily for Fall enrollment.
More of her Bio below:

Brooke Butler, newly arrived from Santa Cruz, CA.  brings with her over 3 decades of experience as a performer and teacher of Brazilian
 dance.  In this beginning Brazilian dance class, she introduces regional styles like Samba, Samba-Reggae, and Samba de Roda
 (circle Samba) as well as incorporating some of the Orixa styles .  No Partner or shoes required. 

Brooke will also be offering a Stretch and Strengthen class, inspired by a combination of physical therapy, yoga, and facial exercise,
 designed for the mature body with gentle low impact resistance and weight based movements.
The goal is strengthening the core and increasing mobility and Freedom from Pain. 

$10 per class, first class 1/2 price.


Linda Andrade comes here from Brookings to teach Adult classical Flamenco.  She comes from extensive work as a professional
dancer working in movies and theaters in Los Angeles.  
Flamenco dance classes are offered to people of all ages and levels of ability.
Flamenco Puro is driven by raw, authentic emotion. In this style, the dancer becomes a powerful channel of human expression and beauty.
Students learn about the history of Flamenco and its roots in Northern India. Percussive clapping and footwork are introduced, and students
learn to combine rhythmic sounds, while maintaining flamenco posture, moving the arms and expressing even deeper emotion through hand
 movement. She currently taking a break.    Call her for further information.

more Bios

Rosalind Schrodt Bio

Artistic Director of Moment in Time Dance Company, of Ashland, Oregon. She has performed and been active in dance since
she was 7 years old. She founded The Moving Center Dance Theatre in Taos, New Mexico, 1973-1976. She has worked
with Beverly Pollack, has studied extensively with David Hochoy, Kitty Daniels, and Bill Evans.   Roz has choreographed more
then 100 dances.

She has won awards for her choreography, and received two National Endowments for the Arts grants for her dance
productions. Roz has a Bachelors Degree in Humanities from Southern Oregon University.   Roz completed the Bill Evans
Certification Program in 2007. This 4 year program includes the study of Labon Movement Analysis and The Bartenieff
 Fundamentals. She has consistently taught Modern Dance Technique classes for the last 40 years.  She has taught workshops in
New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, the Republic of Mexico and in Bali, Indonesia.   Roz has mentored many dancers
that have gone on to have successful careers in dance.  She loves the art of dance and conveys this love to all of her students.    Roz
has been guest artist with Liquid Fire Mantra, as a choreographer and performer for their Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green
Show.   She has been guest artist for Pioneer Dance Co. and performed in Bill Evans Teachers shows in Pt. Townsend.

Roz continues to make new dances for Moment in Time Dance Co.   A recent concert brought in Flamenco dancer Elena Villa and
Musician Grant Ruiz.   This was a collaboration on music and a fusion of modern dance with Flamenco dance.  

In 2016, Roz produced "Sounds of the Tree of Life."   This dance concert joined with the sound healing music of Consuelo Luz of
Santa Fe.  The six dancers will all experienced the power of sounds of the Seven Chakras that they portrayed in this healing dance. 
It was performed in April  8, 9, & 10th, 2016 to full audience for all 3 shows.   Her newest works have been performed in Dance
Dialogs and in the Bill Evan Teacher Reunion. 
In 2019, MIT performed to 3 full houses "Thoughts" with 8 dancers in the company.

Recently she has been  working in Collaboration with local Musician Composer  Martin Watkinson.  Watch for new dances in Progress!

Emily Wilson's Bio

Emily Wilson is the mother of three elementary aged children and new member of the “Moment in Time” dance company.  Her academic studies in college included minoring in Dance. During her studies she had the opportunity to take a variety of dance history and movement classes including the Alexander technique, West African dance and Laban Movement Analysis as well as choreograph her own dances and perform in guest and student choreographed pieces each year. 

Emily's performing arts developed from a young age originally with voice lessons and auditioning in Boston, MA for the part of "Cosette" in Les Miserable.  While she recalls having a bit of stage fright at the downtown skyscraper (John Hancock) building that day, she found her singing voice in her community churches where she would sing in front of a large crowd, often accompanied by her sister playing the piano.  Emily found the Mary Flynn Murphy school of dance during her time living in Belmont, MA and had a wonderful experience with trying ballet, tap and jazz for the first time.  

When her family relocated to Salt Lake City, UT she found a creative movement class at the Virginia Tanner school first and
 then started to study ballet at the Christensen Center, and joined a musical theater group. She recalls her strict Russian
teacher whom she will never forget for teaching her the importance of working hard in ballet class, and introducing her
to pointe shoes. Emily then found the Ballet West conservatory, where she studied ballet technique and pointe, character,
 jazz, and pilates.  She performed in their "Nutcracker" for 4 years as a child, in the roles of "buffoon", "party girl" and as
"Clara" for a statewide tour to elementary schools.  She also performed as a solo child in Ballet West's "Midsummer Night
's Dream".  

Emily has attended several dance workshops during her college and post college years including the American Dance
 Festival on scholarship, a Merce Cunningham intensive in NYC and most recently, a Martha Graham intensive.  
She enjoys
 drop-in adult ballet classes when possible&especially her regular modern dance technique classes with Rosalind Schrodt. 
For more information write Emily at:  emewilson@gmail.com

Classical Ballet
      With Priscilla Quinby

Ballet class focuses on classical technique, with emphasis on alignment, weight transferring, and musicality. She specializes in breaking things down to basics, so even advanced dancers can better assess habits and tendencies. Multi level classes.

Meeting all year long on Saturdays 10am to 11:30 am




Priscilla graduated as a dance major from North Carolina School of the Arts after studying at the Pennsylvania Ballet Company School where she grew up near Philadelphia and in New York with Maggie Black. She then went to Belgium where she studied at the total theater school connected to Maurice Bejart’s Ballet of the 20th Century called MUDRA. On returning to the US she danced with the CETA funded company called Dance a la Carte in L.A. and started teaching in Ashland in the 1980’s and dancing with Oregon Dance Theater.  She then moved to New York and appeared on Broadway in Meet Me in St. Louis and The Secret Garden, doing many off Broadway and regional productions as well. She moved back to Ashland in 2000 and has been teaching (mainly at Oak Street Dance Studio) ever since.


 Call her at 541 951 8028











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