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Moment in Time Dance Company was founded in early 1995 in the small mountain town of Ashland, Oregon. Over time, the birth of this company has allowed gifted community dancers to come together to perform, a few concerts a year. Though dedicated to dance, we fulfill our work-day lives variously, as a business owner, pharmacist, new accounts mgr, hairstylist, mother of five, and a SOU Student. Each performer brings a unique individuality to the dance.

Moment in Time Dance Company shows how community  dance artists in a small town can gather together their shared passions to produce meaningful, pertinent, and beautiful dance performances.

  We are available for other shows in our region.     
This fall we will be auditioning for new dancers to join us in rehearsing 5 new dances  for our future shows.   We are interested in new talent and returning company members.    Join us!
 Monday,  Sept. 17th 5:30 pm take class and audition
Thursday  Sept. 13th take class and audition.  If you missed these dates just to classes and talk with us after class.

Current Members of the Moment in Time Dance Co. in Rehearsal for "listening to the earth"






                                                                                Left to Right:   Joyce Galvin,  Roz Schrodt, and guest dancer  Kitty Conlon














Roz Schrodt, Artistic Director of Moment in Time Dance Company, has performed and been active in dance since she was 7 years old. She founded The Moving Center Dance Theatre in Taos, New Mexico, 1973-1976. She has worked with Beverly Pollack, has studied intensively with David Hochoy, Kitty Daniels, and Bill Evans: has won awards for her choreography, and received two National Endowments for the Arts grants for her dance productions. Roz has a Bachelors Degree in Humanities from Southern Oregon University. She completed the Bill Evans Certification Program in 2007, which includes the study of Labon Movement Analysis and The Bartenieff Fundamentals. She has consistently taught Modern Dance Technique classes for the last 30 years.  Her style of choreography has been described as fusion of Modern Dance, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Balinese Temple Dance.  

The Invitation Video    26 minutes

An intimate portrait of Moment in Time Dance Company, and Roz Schrodt in the making of the dance “The Invitation” .Documented by Ashland film maker Howard Schreiber, the film follows the daunting progress of the group as they meet over a six week preparation and rehearsal periods culminating in a live performance. The dance successfully premiered April 27, 2002, as part of the Human Spirit Concert, Roz Schrodt the choreography notes, “It is my hope that the dance documented in this film will elicit truthful responses to questions we may ask ourselves in the quiet moments of daily living and beginning awareness.” The Invitation invites you to be a part of a creative learning process by knowing yourself better and understanding your motivations. The documentary film focuses on the choreographic process and the dance company’s commitment to learn and perform a new dance. The video can be made available for viewing upon request. The video features the music of Gypsy Soul, including an interview with them about their involvement in this project. Available upon request.


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